work / health mentality

If you struggle with exercise and nutrition try thinking of your health as your job, but instead of money you get time (extended life expectancy from being healthy).

You wouldn’t just give up on your commute when there’s traffic jam, or a rail strike, or bus replacement service! It’s the same with your exercise and nutrition you shouldn’t just throw in the towel because you don’t feel like it or your gym buddy bails etc.

Another health/job point would be that having a ‘cheat day’ or blowout and eating like an idiot, is the equivalent of photocopying your arse and sending it to your line manager. You may not lose your job in doing so, but it’s definitely not going to help your career.

Every good decision you make with your diet is a raise or bonus (more time). Every gym session you sack off/ overindulgence is an argument with a co worker or poor appraisal.

Keep your job, hell let’s go for a promotion!

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