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To anyone considering working with The Better Body Co. I would say go for it, they’re professional, know their stuff, great advice that clearly works and they practice what they preach

Emma C.


To anyone considering working with The Better Body Co. I would say ‘It’s a no brainer as you will learn about nutrition for life! Not just a “diet”’

Louisa C.

Business Change Manager

The plans are so informative and detailed, I’ve gained an understanding of my body and I’m now really enjoying my exercise

Nicola J.

Fitness Professional

My weight is down, I’ve dropped a dress size on top and bottom and I have a much better bum!

Jess K.


I’m the lightest I’ve been in years, I’m feeling in control and stronger both physically and mentally

Leah T.


I’m so happy with the changes I have made to my body. I’m still getting to eat the foods I like and I only exercise when I can

Laura B.

Birth Practitioner

I never realized how much I needed a training plan that fits in with my cycle until I did this one. The week I know I’ll feel fatigued training is a bit lighter and the week I’m the strongest the plan helps me push that bit further

Amy B.

Travel Rep

All I can say is, it just works!

Brenda J

Company Trainer

You Are Just a Plan Away

Exercise & Nutrition for You

Not getting the results you want from hours in the gym or fad diets? It’s time for a change! This is not a diet or a workout!


Why choose The Better Body Co?

We make our plans work for you and your lifestyle so you get the body you want no matter how busy you are!

What do we offer?

You choose the level of support you need; just the plans or additional support with Online Coaching

What do you get when working with us?

You will get a bespoke plan for your diet and your exercise plus The Better Body Co app so you can track your progress. You will also get access to the member’s area which includes daily recipes, an exercise directory and more

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