Weight loss is not the problem

Now we know how to lose weight, the principle is very simple, be in a calorie deficit for a protracted period of time. This is not the problem, the problem is what has caused you to get yourself into the predicament of where you need to lose weight. You need to address the issue that has caused the weight gain. For some this is as straight forward as working with a professional who can give them a plan, support and accountability.

For others, stress, low self esteem, mental health and well being can result in them forming unhealthy relationships with food or alcohol. Food and drink move from being a source of fuel to a coping mechanism. 

Weight loss can become peoples whole identity, they have been ‘dieting’ [unsuccessfully] for years. They may even hold on to the idea that they will be happier if they reach their ideal weight or body composition, however something is holding them back from achieving it. Until they have figured out what is causing them to overeat it’s not going to happen. Weight loss will be a perpetual cycle for them.  

Get some help! Figure out the root cause of weight gain [over consuming calories] so you can make weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight a reality!

Published by Andrew Shaw

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