Weight loss and weights

Today we are going to go through why you should be doing weight training when you are losing weight.

So your plan is to lose weight first then after you’ve done that you’re going to start weight training to build muscle. People usually do this due to a preconceived notion that you have to do cardio to lose weight [which you don’t].

We are going to explain why this is a stupid approach.

When you are losing body fat and your only exercise is cardio you will look terrible when the body fat has come off because you have lost muscle in the process.

When you are doing meaningful resistance training as you are losing body fat you will be building muscle (to an extent) and more importantly signaling to your body not to break it down (use it or lose it!). So when the body fat comes off you have some muscle to show.

Bottom line, achieve your energy deficit and do your resistance training, which has more health benefits than cardiovascular training.

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