Tom O’Donovan

What was the problem you were experiencing before working with Andrew I had little knowledge about workouts and understanding about nutrition to fit my lifestyle. And previously I had only tried just occasional cardio

From working with Andrew I have achieved fat loss, muscle growth, understanding of food and drink choices that benefit my body. 

The best thing about working with Andrew are the planned workouts and support through the program with advice on food and drink choices ensuring I’m losing weight and gaining muscle. Also understanding food choices. Having set workouts to follow. Support and advice through the process.

 I would say that Andrew’s knowledge and understanding of how the body works and uses our food and drink choices is a great help in making your own choices. The workouts which are planned are manageable and enjoyable. The support for any questions or advice is much appreciated be it to do with nutrition or exercise. I would recommend working with Andy. 

Published by Andrew Shaw

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