High reps or low reps

Have you recently recently joined the gym, or have you heard all the hype about the benefits of weight training and you’ve decided to try it out. You’re probably asking yourself ‘should I do high reps with light weights or low reps with heavy weights?!’ Bear in mind that not all reps are created equal!Continue reading “High reps or low reps”

Concurrent training

We are going to talk about concurrent training. Concurrent training is what so many people do when they visit the gym. You might be one of these people?! When you go on the treadmill, sweat it out and then finish off with a few weight exercises. Or  the other way round. The reason it’s notContinue reading “Concurrent training”

Weight loss and weights

Today we are going to go through why you should be doing weight training when you are losing weight. So your plan is to lose weight first then after you’ve done that you’re going to start weight training to build muscle. People usually do this due to a preconceived notion that you have to do cardio toContinue reading “Weight loss and weights”

concurrent training

Amongst a hundred other questions you ask yourself when you go to the gym like, ‘can my pants be seen through these leggings’, ‘is this top too tight’, ‘why is that person doing the same exercise as me and not even struggling’. You would have asked yourself ‘what should I be doing first, cardio or weights?’ Let’s keep this one simple, ifContinue reading “concurrent training”