You’re right life is not fair

You maybe sat there drinking your tea or coffee tapping away arbitrarily on your keyboard reading this whilst you should be working on the project that has landed on your desk. * Now you didn’t ask for said project/task it just landed on your desk, it could’ve landed on Gemma’s desk or it could haveContinue reading “You’re right life is not fair”

The first step

I’m going to talk to you about being weight appropriate. * We both know the dangers of all the horrible health dangers that come with obesity; your life expectancy is shortened, your quality of life is affected, risk of disease increases etc. * That aside I want to talk to you about the other more prevalent andContinue reading “The first step”

Step away from the scales

If you’re going to weigh yourself do it right! Stop weighing yourself at every possible opportunity or when you see a set of scales! After a workout at the gym, when in the pharmacy or at random times of the day. When you do this there are so many variables that go into what youContinue reading “Step away from the scales”

It’s just a number

First of all don’t be too concerned with weight.  If you weighed yourself on the moon you would weigh considerably less than you do here on earth. Would you still be unhappy with your body? Yep. Have a look at other measurements that you would be happy with seeing a change in, like waist size,Continue reading “It’s just a number”

Weighing scale stupidity

It’s time to stop being a wally and weighing yourself when you go to the gym [before or after you have had a workout] and at random times of the day! This will not help because you haven’t taken into consideration, food intake water loss and water retention. So weighing yourself at this point willContinue reading “Weighing scale stupidity”