Exercise selection

Our advice to you would be don’t spend an hour jogging on the treadmill then meander over to the weights area to do a few bicep curls. In doing so you will be targeting a small muscle with a low calorie expenditure. Start off in the weights area and go for the most physically demanding exercisesContinue reading “Exercise selection”

Do I have to run to lose weight?

You could do absolutely no cardio and lose weight! That’s right you heard correctly, zero, none, zilch! Our body is an open system, calories go in, they are used for bodily function and activity. Any calories over your requirements will be converted into body fat [if you are doing meaningful resistance training you will convert someContinue reading “Do I have to run to lose weight?”

Calories don’t care!

You have to know that calories are brutal, heartless, unforgiving, relentless. They don’t care if it’s the weekend. * They do not give a shit that you’re on holiday. * They laugh at the fact it’s your birthday. * Everything with a calorie value, your body either uses (as part or your metabolism, building muscle, toContinue reading “Calories don’t care!”