The weight rebound

The most dangerous time in your diet is after you’ve lost the weight you wanted, the challenge of keeping it off! * More people die on the way down from the mountain than they do ascending it. The reason, complacency, you have achieved your objective and now it’s time to relax, down tools, switch offContinue reading “The weight rebound”

You’re right life is not fair

You maybe sat there drinking your tea or coffee tapping away arbitrarily on your keyboard reading this whilst you should be working on the project that has landed on your desk. * Now you didn’t ask for said project/task it just landed on your desk, it could’ve landed on Gemma’s desk or it could haveContinue reading “You’re right life is not fair”

The co worker conundrum

Are you listening to one of your co-workers rabbit on about their diet or taking advice from them on health or nutrition is not going to serve you very well. * ‘Debbie in HR told me she lost loads of weight doing a diet where she drinks dust all day.’ * What Debbie doesn’t realise is that she’s been duped,Continue reading “The co worker conundrum”

Running for weight loss

Are you running because you’re thinking that ‘I have to do cardio to lose weight’, well, it’s not the case. * Ask yourself ‘do I really enjoy running’. If the answer is yes then that is fantastic! Long may it continue! I would say to you make sure your technique is on point and you have goodContinue reading “Running for weight loss”