How to Eat to Maximise Muscle Growth

So you are excited that you have your holiday booked, an assumption I know, but I’m probably right. Although the thought has dawned on you that you will be spending a significant amount of time in minimal clothing. You have your training program and you have your calorie deficit in place. You’re looking forward to feelingContinue reading “How to Eat to Maximise Muscle Growth”

How much protein do I need?

Ever thought to yourself ‘how much protein do I need? And the answer is… …it depends Let’s go through it The first thing we need to find out is how much lean mass we have; muscle, ligaments, organs, bones, etc We need only to take into account lean mass as these are the structures thatContinue reading “How much protein do I need?”

How Optimising ‘Protein Density’ Can Help You Maintain Muscle and Stay Full When Dieting

Dieting for fat loss is simple, but not easy. The Maths Bit Let’s use an example of a 180cm tall, 30-year-old guy with a sedentary job weighing in at 100kg, and wanting to drop down to 85kg for a show. According to the Harris-Benedict equation, his TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) would be 2971 calories.Continue reading “How Optimising ‘Protein Density’ Can Help You Maintain Muscle and Stay Full When Dieting”

Macronutrient splits are dead

Worrying about your macronutrient split is a waste of time, an over complication. Just concentrate on hitting your protein target. Yes a higher ratio of carbohydrates are good for training days, and having those carbs around your training would be beneficial, but it’s not essential. You are going to achieve the same results when justContinue reading “Macronutrient splits are dead”

Lose weight sensibly

You want to look good when you’ve lost weight [as well as improving your health], that’s the point right? You could lose weight through dieting and reducing your calorie intake, but you will look like shit when the body fat comes off and you’re just a bag of bones. This is why it is important toContinue reading “Lose weight sensibly”