What is Muscle Confusion?

Sometimes I think to myself people will believe anything In passing at the gym I will always say hello and ask people how their training is going. This is not an empty question. From their response, I can surmise a lot How competent their training programming is, their understanding of exercise physiology, and a heapContinue reading “What is Muscle Confusion?”

Have a plan

What exercises are you doing when you go to the gym today? Cue blank expression. Maybe some chest maybe some bicep then finish with legs? Maybe you’ll copy what that guy with the big arms is doing. Or maybe do what that lady with the toned legs was doing?! Know that their training program is not goingContinue reading “Have a plan”

Sense and sensibility

You know it’s common sense but sometimes we over complicate it. Let’s imagine you have a dog and you leave your dog with your friends when you go away on holiday for a few weeks. You come back to find that your dog is looking a little more rotund than when you left him. YourContinue reading “Sense and sensibility”