Have a plan

What exercises are you doing when you go to the gym today? Cue blank expression. Maybe some chest maybe some bicep then finish with legs? Maybe you’ll copy what that guy with the big arms is doing. Or maybe do what that lady with the toned legs was doing?! Know that their training program is not goingContinue reading “Have a plan”

No pain, no gain?!

I’m not sore, have I done enough? Know that muscle soreness is not a good indicator of a good workout Usually you will experience muscle soreness when you have taken a bit of time off from resistance training or you are just starting out. Muscle soreness is caused by micro tears in the muscle fibre, whichContinue reading “No pain, no gain?!”

High reps or low reps

Have you recently recently joined the gym, or have you heard all the hype about the benefits of weight training and you’ve decided to try it out. You’re probably asking yourself ‘should I do high reps with light weights or low reps with heavy weights?!’ Bear in mind that not all reps are created equal!Continue reading “High reps or low reps”

I just can’t put on weight!

If you’re struggling to put on weight and thought ‘it must be my fast metabolism’. It’s not! This is like blaming your heavy shoes 👞 for you speeding in your car! Listen up, you are not consuming enough calories for weight gain to occur. You are probably very active through the course of the day, or your appetite is small so you are not eatingContinue reading “I just can’t put on weight!”

Concurrent training

We are going to talk about concurrent training. Concurrent training is what so many people do when they visit the gym. You might be one of these people?! When you go on the treadmill, sweat it out and then finish off with a few weight exercises. Or  the other way round. The reason it’s notContinue reading “Concurrent training”