What is Emotional Freedom?

Picture this situation you are on your way home from a great day at work and your favourite song comes on the radio It’s been a fantastic day so what do you do You do what any reasonable person would do in this situation, you start singing, a little bit of dancing, you’re in your own littleContinue reading “What is Emotional Freedom?”

Confirmation danger

I’m going to talk to you about Jill. Jill wants to lose weight and selects a particular diet, she checks her progress on the scales every morning. If she has lost weight she pats herself on the back and considers the diet a success. * If she has gained weight she rights it off asContinue reading “Confirmation danger”

The Blame Game

What you think is stopping you losing weight: Carbs (nope there is no correlation between a high carb diet and fat gain, in fact the opposite has shown to be true) Thyroid (Your metabolism may be down regulated slightly but that’s not the reason) Big bones (It’s not the bones it’s the body fat coveringContinue reading “The Blame Game”

Brush your teeth

Let’s say you forgot to brush your teeth, this means that your dental hygiene isn’t perfect So I guess you’re going to give up on your dental hygiene. The tooth brushing is going to cease from here on. Sound crazy? Yes it is crazy! But this is what people do when they are dieting or enteringContinue reading “Brush your teeth”