Make sure you fibre!

You’ve probably been told or heard that fibre in your diet is beneficial, but do you know why it is so important? Let’s go through the basics; fibre is a non nutrient, but an essential substance. You will need fibre to maintain a healthy digestive system and assists with movement of waste through large intestine.Continue reading “Make sure you fibre!”

Hormones hindering

In this email we will look at why it is easier for us as human beings to put on body fat and why it is harder for us to lose it. Hormones that control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even our emotions and mood. Hormones areContinue reading “Hormones hindering”

Are you getting enough sleep?

Did you know that getting adequate and good quality sleep has a significant impact on hormone balance and muscle protein synthesis. Outside of muscle growth, sleep deprivation has also been directly linked to an increase in appetite and as a result an increase in body fat. When you are not getting enough quality sleep hormones calledContinue reading “Are you getting enough sleep?”