Action & Reaction

Every action has a reaction. Smoking – health complications, calorie surplus – weight gain. We make thousands of decisions everyday. Are your decisions adding up to the goal of improving your body? Thoughts like ‘it’s okay to have an extra helping of ice cream’. ‘I’ll take a few more chips’, or a finish food fromContinue reading “Action & Reaction”

The Genesis of my Fitness

For me fitness has always been about being a good example to others. Helping others become fitter and healthier stemmed from when I witnessed my father go through his heart surgery as a result of his poor health. A negative lifestyle [stress from work, booze, poor diet, lack of exercise] led to his heart diseaseContinue reading “The Genesis of my Fitness”

Dealing in absolutes

One doughnut will not make you unhealthy just the same as one salad will not make you healthy. Dealing in absolutes is never good. It is the total intake of your diet over the course of the day/week you should be concerned with. One meal will be redundant, it is only a very small part ofContinue reading “Dealing in absolutes”