The Genesis of my Fitness

For me fitness has always been about being a good example to others. Helping others become fitter and healthier stemmed from when I witnessed my father go through his heart surgery as a result of his poor health. A negative lifestyle [stress from work, booze, poor diet, lack of exercise] led to his heart diseaseContinue reading “The Genesis of my Fitness”

Get up and go

Are you struggling to get yourself to the gym? Do you find it hard to get that to get up and go? First of all, if you don’t feel up for it you’re probably doing some form of exercise that doesn’t appeal to you. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy, be it swimming, weight training, an exercise class.Continue reading “Get up and go”

Short term mentality is holding you back!

Get in shape for summer, fad diets, quick fixes, detox. These are all extreme protocols, that people unfortunately gravitate towards because they portray that it’s easy. The reality is unless you change your mentality, your results (if any) will be short lived. Developing good habits, discipline and mental strength takes time. When you get aContinue reading “Short term mentality is holding you back!”

Fitness is a numbers game!

For example if you think about exercise and diet it is basically knowing that all you have to achieve is this many reps, in this many sets, for that many exercises over x amount of training sessions in conjunction with consuming x amount of calories, containing x amount of protein, with some nuance’s. You might find thatContinue reading “Fitness is a numbers game!”