The first step

I’m going to talk to you about being weight appropriate. * We both know the dangers of all the horrible health dangers that come with obesity; your life expectancy is shortened, your quality of life is affected, risk of disease increases etc. * That aside I want to talk to you about the other more prevalent andContinue reading “The first step”

‘You can’t eat that, you’re on a diet!’

Know that you can eat whatever foods you want and lose weight. You could eat low nutritional value food, McDonalds, Sweets, Ice cream and still lose weight! You could also eat super nutrient dense food; olive oil, vegetables, lean meats etc and put on weight. The underlying factor is calories. If you are in aContinue reading “‘You can’t eat that, you’re on a diet!’”

Step away from the scales

If you’re going to weigh yourself do it right! Stop weighing yourself at every possible opportunity or when you see a set of scales! After a workout at the gym, when in the pharmacy or at random times of the day. When you do this there are so many variables that go into what youContinue reading “Step away from the scales”

Have a plan

What exercises are you doing when you go to the gym today? Cue blank expression. Maybe some chest maybe some bicep then finish with legs? Maybe you’ll copy what that guy with the big arms is doing. Or maybe do what that lady with the toned legs was doing?! Know that their training program is not goingContinue reading “Have a plan”

weight is just a number

Weight is just a number and it’s unlikely to be relevant or helpful. The goal should be body confidence. Get to a point where you like what you see in the mirror. Imagine not having to feel like you have to wear that top because it hides the parts of your body you’re not soContinue reading “weight is just a number”