What is Exercise Afterburn?

High-intensity training is all the rage. One personal trainer with an annoying voice and ridiculous hair who has amassed a small fortune from his misinformation to the masses about nutrition, along with his complicated meal plan and joint busting workouts has made this style of working out very popular. He has alluded to this typeContinue reading “What is Exercise Afterburn?”

Keep your guard up

Of the few injuries people have told me about, all of them have been from doing something stupid. * Lifting weights, running, exercising correctly has never been the reason someone has injured themselves. It’s when you’re not doing it properly that you get yourself into trouble. * The injuries you’re more than likely to experienceContinue reading “Keep your guard up”

Short lived victory

Have you ever said this to yourself or heard this from a friend before? * ‘Well, I’ve stuck to my diet for a couple of weeks and I’m losing weight! I’m getting results, I’m feeling great this is easy!’ * ‘This is going well, I’ll have a break from it this week because I’m doing so well’Continue reading “Short lived victory”

The Genesis of my Fitness

For me fitness has always been about being a good example to others. Helping others become fitter and healthier stemmed from when I witnessed my father go through his heart surgery as a result of his poor health. A negative lifestyle [stress from work, booze, poor diet, lack of exercise] led to his heart diseaseContinue reading “The Genesis of my Fitness”

Hi I’m your body fat

If your body fat could talk it would say Hi I’m your body fat. I make you feel uncomfortable when you look in the mirror. I’m the reason you can fit into your jeans anymore. No you can’t turn me into muscle! No I can’t be removed from specific places when targeted with exercise! IContinue reading “Hi I’m your body fat”