Best of both worlds

Have you thought to yourself I’ll lose weight first then ill start at the gym and exercise?! This is a very typical approach people have to their fitness journey. Maybe the thought process is that it’s simply too much to concentrate on, doing both exercise and diet together. Know that doing both together will makeContinue reading “Best of both worlds”

Missing the woods for the trees

We are going to talk about why exercise selection for fat loss is missing the woods for the trees. If you’re overweight and looking to lose body fat, exercise selection should be the last of your worries  Put it this way there’s a hole in your boat, water is coming in and you are deciding whichContinue reading “Missing the woods for the trees”

Diet breaks

Let’s say you have been dieting for a while and the weight is coming off. (Hopefully you’ve been doing some resistance training and consuming adequate protein along the way). On the way down you may find it useful to introduce a diet break week. All it involves is you going back up to maintenance levelContinue reading “Diet breaks”

Once you pop

Just because you’ve had one doesn’t mean your diet is ‘ruined’ and you should finish the rest of the pack! The first few Pringles, spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry’s, slice of Domino’s Pizza have likely done nothing to compromise your diet. It’s the ‘fuck it my diet is ruined might as well finish it’ mentality that’s doneContinue reading “Once you pop”

A calorie is a calorie

Did you know you can eat ‘healthy’ and put on weight! You can also eat ‘unhealthy’ and lose weight  Your weight is not a food quality thing. It’s an energy thing! When we consume over our calorie requirements we put on weight, and when we consume under our calorie requirements we lose weight. A calorieContinue reading “A calorie is a calorie”