Action & Reaction

Every action has a reaction. Smoking – health complications, calorie surplus – weight gain. We make thousands of decisions everyday. Are your decisions adding up to the goal of improving your body? Thoughts like ‘it’s okay to have an extra helping of ice cream’. ‘I’ll take a few more chips’, or a finish food fromContinue reading “Action & Reaction”

The Blame Game

What you think is stopping you losing weight: Carbs (nope there is no correlation between a high carb diet and fat gain, in fact the opposite has shown to be true) Thyroid (Your metabolism may be down regulated slightly but that’s not the reason) Big bones (It’s not the bones it’s the body fat coveringContinue reading “The Blame Game”

The Genesis of my Fitness

For me fitness has always been about being a good example to others. Helping others become fitter and healthier stemmed from when I witnessed my father go through his heart surgery as a result of his poor health. A negative lifestyle [stress from work, booze, poor diet, lack of exercise] led to his heart diseaseContinue reading “The Genesis of my Fitness”

Hi I’m your body fat

If your body fat could talk it would say Hi I’m your body fat. I make you feel uncomfortable when you look in the mirror. I’m the reason you can fit into your jeans anymore. No you can’t turn me into muscle! No I can’t be removed from specific places when targeted with exercise! IContinue reading “Hi I’m your body fat”

Exercise for fat loss

So you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now and the results haven’t been happening for you. You’ve been at the gym working hard, doing your legs, bums and tums classes, boxercise, and lots of running on the treadmill. You feel great for it and yes you’ve improved your health but your goal of weightContinue reading “Exercise for fat loss”

Big plate pandemic

Did you know that plate sizes are getting bigger and bigger on average? It’s not just a coincidence that obesity is increasing too! There is something called Parkinson’s law which works on the premise that we human beings will take the full entitlement.  So if you have a project at work and your boss gives youContinue reading “Big plate pandemic”

Drinking your calories

If you are finding with this hot weather that you are not eating as much and you’re scratching your head as to why the weight is not coming off, the reason could be liquid calories. Take into consideration if you are drinking more because you are thirsty and it’s not water [which is 0 calories]Continue reading “Drinking your calories”

Missing the woods for the trees

We are going to talk about why exercise selection for fat loss is missing the woods for the trees. If you’re overweight and looking to lose body fat, exercise selection should be the last of your worries  Put it this way there’s a hole in your boat, water is coming in and you are deciding whichContinue reading “Missing the woods for the trees”

Calories don’t care

You have to know that calories are brutal, heartless, unforgiving, relentless. They don’t care if it’s the weekend. They do not give a shit that you’re on holiday. They laugh at the fact it’s your birthday. Everything with a calorie value, your body either uses (as part or your metabolism, building muscle, to fuel activity) orContinue reading “Calories don’t care”

It’s not the tracking it’s the self discipline

It’s not that you don’t like tracking your calories, it’s that you don’t like restriction. You use your phone all day, an extra few seconds of inputting food is not the issue. It’s the fact that you have to implement some self control. Telling yourself you haven’t got time is a justification to yourself notContinue reading “It’s not the tracking it’s the self discipline”

There is no miracle

Make sure you don’t confuse luck with hard work.  Its not luck that you have your health, don’t put it down to chance. You should be proud of the work you have put in to stay healthy. Many struggle to achieve this. You don’t fortunately go to the gym several times a weeks. Its notContinue reading “There is no miracle”

Measure and manage

When you approach weight loss from an exercise perspective you can expect to control 300-500 calories from your day. When you approach weight loss from a calorie intake perspective you can control them all! Doing a bit more exercise is great but hoping (and that’s what you are doing ‘hoping’) that it will lead toContinue reading “Measure and manage”