Pain for progress

Have you ever wondered to yourself why you haven’t got something done or haven’t started. * You’re unlikely to do anything until it’s an issue. When I say issue, I mean it’s going to have to be some form of painful experience. * When I say painful it doesn’t have to be physically painful. It’sContinue reading “Pain for progress”

It’s cool to skip

Have you heard that you shouldn’t skip meals because it causes your metabolism to slow down and you won’t burn calories properly? or that skipping meals causes your body to go into starvation mode and when you eat your next meal your body stores it as fat? * I’ve been seeing a lot of peopleContinue reading “It’s cool to skip”

Making a start with getting in shape

Most people will take on too much when trying to implement a health regime. January 1st or an office fitness challenge will come around and people will really go for it. We are talking gym 7 times a week, combined with some horrendous, obscure diet where you cut out all the foods you like. ThisContinue reading “Making a start with getting in shape”