Find it hard to put on weight?

Have you tried putting on some weight but your attempts have been thwarted by your ‘fast metabolism’. It’s not your metabolism! You are likely a very active person; lots of exercise, lots of moving around or a combination of both. If you are looking to put on some weight and build some muscle then youContinue reading “Find it hard to put on weight?”

Gym intimidation

When you first start lifting weights you may feel a bit conspicuous. You might think that people in the gym are watching you and passing judgment. Know that a high percentage of people don’t care because they are too busy feeling self aware themselves. Another thought to keep in your head is, that a highContinue reading “Gym intimidation”

Can I build muscle and burn fat at the same time?

We want to to talk to you about a question that gets asked a lot. The question being ‘can I build muscle and burn fat at the same time?’ The answer is yes! To do both at the same time you would have to be in a small calorie deficit and ensure you are doingContinue reading “Can I build muscle and burn fat at the same time?”

Exercise selection

Our advice to you would be don’t spend an hour jogging on the treadmill then meander over to the weights area to do a few bicep curls. In doing so you will be targeting a small muscle with a low calorie expenditure. Start off in the weights area and go for the most physically demanding exercisesContinue reading “Exercise selection”