Drinking your calories

If you are finding with this hot weather that you are not eating as much and you’re scratching your head as to why the weight is not coming off, the reason could be liquid calories. Take into consideration if you are drinking more because you are thirsty and it’s not water [which is 0 calories]Continue reading “Drinking your calories”

Your association with the weekend

How was the weekend? Did you celebrate the freedom from work in style? Did you decide to step on the scales this morning and now you’re thinking ‘this diet isn’t working’! Let’s go through what you can do to get you in a calorie deficit and start burning fat! Are you consistently overindulging at the weekendContinue reading “Your association with the weekend”

Lets talk about last night

It happened again, didn’t it! You were only going to have one drink then, that turned into one more, then another and before you knew it you were ‘out, out’! I get it, you’ve been working hard all week and the weekend is time to cut loose, let your hair down, cut some shapes onContinue reading “Lets talk about last night”