Absolutely Menstrual Nutrition Plan

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As a woman your physiology changes on a weekly basis, some weeks you will respond better to carbohydrates, some weeks you will benefit from more fats. Whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain the plan will guide you through a simple approach to getting your body where you want it to be. Also included is a consultation with a Nutritionist.

1 review for Absolutely Menstrual Nutrition Plan

  1. Laura Attwood

    The nutrition plan is brilliant! I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, yet I am losing weight. I’m a chocoholic, and on this plan I get to eat chocolate EVERY DAY. No food is off limits which is so much more sustainable than anything else I’ve tried.
    I’m down 2 stone already since June 2018. Looking forward to clothes shopping for spring! 🤩

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