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Why use The Better Body Co. Online Personal Trainers?

If you’re looking to get in shape this is probably one of the most important things you will read. Once you get to the end you’ll see that you have the opportunity to get in the best shape of your life.

After you get to the end take a moment and think what it could mean to you.

No matter how many ‘health gurus’ or ‘secret diet hacks’ deny the fact, a good training program and nutrition plan will get results!

There is no place for fad diets or ridiculous training regimes or stupid exercise equipment that will ‘target and melt body fat’.

Consistent training and nutrition is the only way to achieve the results you’re after!

People that make progress have something else in place too; they get help! 

These people that expedite results will have a professional guiding them, motivating them and pushing them to achieve their goals.

Think about all the fad diets and crazy exercise regimes you’ve tried and how you’ve been going at it alone getting nowhere buying into the latest craze of detox products or fat-melting exercise DVDs.

It sucks that these companies, these Charlatans can get away with selling this stuff and taking advantage of people looking to get in shape, it’s bullshit right?!

That’s why I’m talking to you now!

My name is Andrew and I’m one of the personal trainers here at The Better Body Co. who can save you a lot of time on achieving results

Now, I’m used to having potential clients turn away because they ‘couldn’t afford me’, skimping on help is not the answer.

What is going to get you where you want to be? fat loss pills? advice from your work colleague? you need accountability and guidance from someone that’s got results for hundreds of people! 

High quality, affordable personal training that is quick and simple to implement

Here’s my idea;

Train when you can, eat the foods you like!

You heard me, hold my gin and tonic and I’ll explain;

Through effective training and nutritional planning, you can still eat the foods you like and get in shape!

From concentrating on energy balance and meaningful training you can achieve great results.

You have your own diet that you have cultivated over the years and it just needs a little bit of tweaking, not a complete overhaul. It’s not ‘sins’ or ‘points’ or ‘bad foods’ or ‘clean eating’ or Tupperware or shakes.

The exercise isn’t bone-crunching burpees, hours of cardio or commando recruitment training.

Train smart, eat well!

How does that sound? Viable? Achievable? Actually appealing? Think of what a leaner, stronger, healthier you could mean. A better quality of life, more body confidence, feeling good and enjoying your holidays when you’re in your speedos.

The benefits are many, book a call with me ​here and find out more

How can I help you achieve your body confidence you ask?

I’ve used my degree and experience along with consulting the best nutritionists, exercise professors and neuroscientists in the world to create training and nutrition plans that will work for anybody.

So, it’s like a diet that’s not a diet. You shouldn’t feel like you’re restricting yourself and you won’t be cutting out foods! It’s the perfect mix of exercise and nutrition

Skipped ahead? Yes, this is as good as it sounds! 

I’m also giving you The Lean for Life Guide for free

Anyone can use it even if you don’t understand about nutrition. This guide will give you an understanding of how weight loss and weight gain work

Download your copy here

So, here I am giving away guidance for free why? Because I want you to trust me, I want you to have something that you can use and will help you. 

Lots of companies like Weight Watchers or Slimming World or Herbalife will hate this, they will try and convince you that it’s not about calories or an energy deficit, it’s about Syns or points or fat burning powder.

Now, these may get you results but it will be short-lived and you’ll be going back time after time when you regain the weight scratching your head.

Because they are keeping you at arm’s length from the truth!

This doesn’t change the fact that you want to see results now and you need help to do so

Right now you are beasting yourself in the gym, eating clean, whatever that means and still not getting results, stop struggling alone! 

Let’s do this!

Book in for a chat to work with me

OK, now it’s time for the bad news!

Working with us isn’t for everyone

An ideal client will stick to the plans, ignore the noise and achieve results

Then there are people who just want it done for them, look for shortcuts don’t want to put any work in

If you are the latter then it won’t work out, but if you are in the put in work, stick to the plan camp then register your interest by emailing us here

P.s. thank you for reading, seriously thank you, but if like me you’re a skimmer here’s the synopsis:

  • Training and nutrition is a minefield and can be expensive
  • Working with me will get you results so why not start
  • Get a bespoke plan save yourself time expedite results

PPS. disclaimer: you may have to buy new clothes after working with us

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