Missing the woods for the trees

We are going to talk about why exercise selection for fat loss is missing the woods for the trees.

If you’re overweight and looking to lose body fat, exercise selection should be the last of your worries 

Put it this way there’s a hole in your boat, water is coming in and you are deciding which bucket to use. 

You could select the chrome bucket with the really nice handle, the plastic bucket with the not so nice handle or the wooden one that’s not so nice and you’re not found of.

The point is this. Plug the bloody leak! 

You have too many calories coming in! Worrying about whether to take a CrossFit, Zumba, or body pump class is irrelevant.

Get control of your calories. Manage intake and everything else will fall into place.

Then choose an exercise that you enjoy and you can stick to. It’s that simple.

Published by Andrew Shaw

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