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I achieved the best results I’ve ever had. It’s a great way to lose weight without putting it all back on. It can be used as a lifestyle

Scott F.

I feel more educated with regards to rep ranges and total volume etc. I have a better understanding of calories and have learned new exercises

Michael D.

I now understand how to achieve weight loss. It’s not all about ‘good’ foods and exercise which was what I had thought for the last 15 years.

Kevin F.

I can still eat foods I like (pizza & ice cream) drink alcohol and still lose weight and get fitter.

Martin B.

You Are Just a Plan Away

Exercise & Nutrition for You

Not getting the results you want from hours in the gym or fad diets? It’s time for a change! This is not a diet or a workout!


Why choose The Better Body Co?

We make our programs work for you and your lifestyle so you get the body you want no matter how busy you are!

What do we offer?

You choose the program you need; training or nutrition, both come with online support.

What do you get when working with us?

You get a personalised structure, daily or weekly targets, weekly check ins. You will also get access to the member’s area which includes daily recipes and more.

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Save Time, Lose Weight, Feel Good!

Download your FREE copy of The Better Body Bible and you’ll discover:
*The simplest way possible to lose weight, without having to give up your favourite foods.
*Find out how you can fit in beer, pizza, and ice cream and make progress with fat loss.
*BONUS: Tips and guidance emails.

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