I just can’t put on weight!

If you’re struggling to put on weight and thought ‘it must be my fast metabolism’. It’s not! This is like blaming your heavy shoes 👞 for you speeding in your car!

Listen up, you are not consuming enough calories for weight gain to occur. You are probably very active through the course of the day, or your appetite is small so you are not eating enough calories to surpass what you are burning off.

Are you walking everywhere, do you make a lot of gestures, do you tap your foot or pen a lot through the day. Guess what simpleton, this expends energy! Maybe you’re a smoker in which case your appetite will be reduced.

Tracking for just a few days will open your eyes to realise your true caloric intake and you can adjust from there, to make sure you are eating enough to achieve weight gain.

Published by Andrew Shaw

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