Hormones hindering

In this email we will look at why it is easier for us as human beings to put on body fat and why it is harder for us to lose it.

Hormones that control most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even our emotions and mood.

Hormones are signalling molecules, they bind to receptors around the body. A hormone called Leptin suppresses your appetite, Leptin signals to the brain your hunger levels. The more body fat you have the more Leptin in your blood, the less body fat you have the less Leptin you will have. When we have low levels of Leptin it will signal to the brain to seek out food. 

Our bodies guard far better against weight loss than weight gain. This is evolution preparing us for an Ice age, making sure that we have enough stored energy to survive.

 Obesity isn’t self correcting because the brain becomes Leptin resistant in obese individuals. So where weight appropriate people who would over eat and put on body fat, Leptin levels would let our brains know we are holding enough fat and we don’t need more food, in obese individuals this is less likely to occur. 

Leptin is very sensitive to a reduction in calorie intake and levels will drop significantly, therefore making you more hungry. This is why people find it hard to sustain weight loss diets as your body is defending against it!

However with a well structured nutrition plan you can offset and reduce these signals allowing you to lose weight easier!

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