Have a plan

What exercises are you doing when you go to the gym today?

Cue blank expression.

Maybe some chest maybe some bicep then finish with legs? Maybe you’ll copy what that guy with the big arms is doing. Or maybe do what that lady with the toned legs was doing?!

Know that their training program is not going to be what you need to be doing. You need a plan!

Going to the gym and bumbling from one machine to another one, your decision being made by which machine or weights are free. Combined with the fact you’ll only do the ones you know how to is not ideal.

This resistance training roulette regime you’ve got going on is not going to yield any results. Because you have nothing to gauge against anything and its not structured or thought out.

Having structure and a well organised approach to your exercise will be hugely beneficial. Having your exercises in the right order, at the right amount with the right frequency will massively expedite results.

You will be more confident when going to the gym and making progress too.

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