Why Does My Weight Fluctuate?

After talking to one of my online clients this morning, he was telling me how he had quit so many other diets because of his misunderstanding of this Something that he had seen on the scales that led him to believe what he was doing was not working From working with him for a fewContinue reading “Why Does My Weight Fluctuate?”

How to Eat to Maximise Muscle Growth

So you are excited that you have your holiday booked, an assumption I know, but I’m probably right. Although the thought has dawned on you that you will be spending a significant amount of time in minimal clothing. You have your training program and you have your calorie deficit in place. You’re looking forward to feelingContinue reading “How to Eat to Maximise Muscle Growth”

How much protein do I need?

Ever thought to yourself ‘how much protein do I need? And the answer is… …it depends Let’s go through it The first thing we need to find out is how much lean mass we have; muscle, ligaments, organs, bones, etc We need only to take into account lean mass as these are the structures thatContinue reading “How much protein do I need?”

Why so much conflicting information in nutrition?

From a certain perspective, nutrition science can seem like a mess. Lots of competing theories. One study seems to suggest one thing. The very next study seems to say the opposite. People interested in health, fitness and wellness are stuck in limbo. Confused. Another point of view could be, that “mess” demonstrates the real beautyContinue reading “Why so much conflicting information in nutrition?”

Why is being in a healthy body fat range important?

I’d like you to join me in a thought experiment. Let’s begin by setting our feelings, insecurities, assumptions, stories, and beliefs about body fat. Forget, for a moment, about looking good. Forget about abs and guns or whatever other laundry list of nonsense is now used to describe various body parts. While you’re at it,Continue reading “Why is being in a healthy body fat range important?”

How Optimising ‘Protein Density’ Can Help You Maintain Muscle and Stay Full When Dieting

Dieting for fat loss is simple, but not easy. The Maths Bit Let’s use an example of a 180cm tall, 30-year-old guy with a sedentary job weighing in at 100kg, and wanting to drop down to 85kg for a show. According to the Harris-Benedict equation, his TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) would be 2971 calories.Continue reading “How Optimising ‘Protein Density’ Can Help You Maintain Muscle and Stay Full When Dieting”

Your goal

I remember when I first started Personal Training and I had a consultation with a new client. * When I asked him about his goals I couldn’t believe what happened next. * He went to his bag and pulled from it a men’s health magazine. He held the magazine and pointed to the airbrushed Adonis onContinue reading “Your goal”

Short lived victory

Have you ever said this to yourself or heard this from a friend before? * ‘Well, I’ve stuck to my diet for a couple of weeks and I’m losing weight! I’m getting results, I’m feeling great this is easy!’ * ‘This is going well, I’ll have a break from it this week because I’m doing so well’Continue reading “Short lived victory”

Action & Reaction

Every action has a reaction. Smoking – health complications, calorie surplus – weight gain. We make thousands of decisions everyday. Are your decisions adding up to the goal of improving your body? Thoughts like ‘it’s okay to have an extra helping of ice cream’. ‘I’ll take a few more chips’, or a finish food fromContinue reading “Action & Reaction”

The Blame Game

What you think is stopping you losing weight: Carbs (nope there is no correlation between a high carb diet and fat gain, in fact the opposite has shown to be true) Thyroid (Your metabolism may be down regulated slightly but that’s not the reason) Big bones (It’s not the bones it’s the body fat coveringContinue reading “The Blame Game”