What is Exercise Afterburn?

High-intensity training is all the rage. One personal trainer with an annoying voice and ridiculous hair who has amassed a small fortune from his misinformation to the masses about nutrition, along with his complicated meal plan and joint busting workouts has made this style of working out very popular. He has alluded to this typeContinue reading “What is Exercise Afterburn?”


How did national fitness day go for you yesterday? Do anything different, extra? * The day itself is an interesting concept, a day with the focus on drawing attention to your fitness. Like Valentine’s day draws your attention to celebrating your relationship with your partner. * Why not, instead of making one day a year about theseContinue reading “Perspective”

The feel good factor

I know the process of exercise doesn’t feel good, in fact, it’s quite the opposite at the time. Being hot, sweaty, uncomfortable it’s quite an ordeal. * It’s the results, the aesthetics and body confidence that feel good. However, this takes time to achieve. * Everything else in our day we can get immediate gratification from; aContinue reading “The feel good factor”