Calories don’t care

You have to know that calories are brutal, heartless, unforgiving, relentless.

They don’t care if it’s the weekend.

They do not give a shit that you’re on holiday.

They laugh at the fact it’s your birthday.

Everything with a calorie value, your body either uses (as part or your metabolism, building muscle, to fuel activity) or converts to body fat.

You have an amount of energy you need that is bespoke to you to stay at the same weight [maintenance]. When you exceed that amount your body will store that excess energy.

The harsh thing is that you don’t get to choose where that body fat is going to be stored. Your body fat stores are based on your genetics. 

Back fat, moobs muffin tops, cankles. The continued excess calories the bigger these storage areas get.

Calories don’t care! But you do, so try and manage your energy intake. It’s easier than you think!

Published by Andrew Shaw

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