Brush your teeth

Let’s say you forgot to brush your teeth, this means that your dental hygiene isn’t perfect

So I guess you’re going to give up on your dental hygiene. The tooth brushing is going to cease from here on.

Sound crazy? Yes it is crazy! But this is what people do when they are dieting or entering into an exercise regime.

One meal is not perfect or one gym session is missed and that’s it, hands are up in the are and ‘I quit it’s ruined’ mentality comes out!

Don’t be that idiot! You don’t have to be perfect. That one forgotten tooth brush doesn’t mean that your teeth are going to fall out.

Much like that one piece of cheesecake doesn’t mean your diet is ruined!

Your dieting and exercise approach should be flexible, not stringent!

Pick that toothbrush up and start brushing again. It’s not about perfection it’s about consistency.

Published by Andrew Shaw

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