Barbell Squats

Simultaneous flexing at the hip, knee and ankle joint are what makes this compound move one of the most technical in the directory.

The Squat is one of the most physically demanding and technically difficult exercises.

Knee and foot alignment is key, making sure that your knees track over your toes is very important. Grip the ground with your feet and focus the pressure on the outside of the foot.

Focus on technique throughout the lift, this will ensure you optimise performance and reduce the risk of injury.

If you are unable to execute proper form you should reduce the load.

The timing of breathing is an important part of the technique, you should inhale and exhale at the static part of the movement i.e. when performing a squat you should breathe in and hold, brace core muscles, squat and on return to the top of the squat, you should breathe out and repeat. This also helps to increase Intra-Abdominal pressure during the repetition, increasing IAP in this manner helps stabilise the lower spine to an even greater degree than with bracing alone.