Keep your guard up

Of the few injuries people have told me about, all of them have been from doing something stupid. * Lifting weights, running, exercising correctly has never been the reason someone has injured themselves. It’s when you’re not doing it properly that you get yourself into trouble. * The injuries you’re more than likely to experienceContinue reading “Keep your guard up”

Pain for progress

Have you ever wondered to yourself why you haven’t got something done or haven’t started. * You’re unlikely to do anything until it’s an issue. When I say issue, I mean it’s going to have to be some form of painful experience. * When I say painful it doesn’t have to be physically painful. It’sContinue reading “Pain for progress”

Small commitments, big results

Have you ever thought about starting a ‘diet’ and contemplated counting your calories? You are wise to do so. Just make sure you do it right! * The amount of times I’ve heard people say to me ‘I’m not going to track my calories I’m just going to keep a log in my head’. *Continue reading “Small commitments, big results”