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How Do I Get In Shape?

Thinking you have to be perfect will be your undoing! Being consistently good is far better than inconsistently perfect!

The amount of times people give it the beans with their new drive to get in shape is getting boring now. Be it a new year’s resolution or the easing of lockdown procedures that sees a new fitness pursuit. It’s quite astounding how people go about it

Sipping on BCAAs whilst trying to get in 7 gym sessions a week. Along with keeping up your 10,000 steps and meal timing. The only meal allowed being kale and chicken

Some Chinese whisper or half baked fitness claim from some person. or article from a Men’s Health to which sensationalizes everything. It has to.  how else can you get across that you only need resistance training, protein to build muscle

And how else are they going to keep subscription rates up by telling people that there is only one way to lose body fat. and it’s not a workout before you ask! Why let the truth get in the way of a good story – Their editors are thinking

If you cut back all the bullshit they would only need a couple of pages that you would need to follow to get in shape. Not the myriad of over-complicated regimes or conflicting articles surrounding muscle growth and fat loss.

and there would be no need for the celebrity on the front cover. whose Personal Trainer and nutritionist has got them to do some resistance training. be in a caloric deficit and get enough protein in their diet

No. – they need to let you know about their latest hack that has ‘rebuilt their body’ Christ on a bike! Look past the lighting, the airbrushing – the dehydration and the filter. – that cover model doesn’t look like that in real life

You only need a couple of things to get the body you are after! Keep it simple and stick to those and you’re good!

Should I Have a Cheat Day?

I get people messaging me with pictures of their food – which is great as I love food. The deflating thing is the comments that come with the pictures;

‘I have these when I need something a bit naughty’

‘This is my cheat meal’

‘I know these are bad but they taste so good!’

It’s amazing the connotations that people assign to a meal or food – which is a huge problem! The assigning of negative language to foods or meals.

Like the whole ‘cheat meal’ thing – that is something that grinds my gears! The premise that because you have been good for the week. Which entitles you to a debauchery fuelled weekend day that’s labeled as a ‘cheat meal’ or ‘cheat day’

This will usually be super calorific and take you well over your weekly calorie target. Undoing the effort you have put in leading up to that point!

It’s done because the days you have been ‘good’ are so over-restrictive that you need to break free. and splurge on all the food you have been declaring ‘bad’ and in great volume whilst doing so! Rendering the whole week pointless

There are no bad meals or foods- remove morality from your food. A pizza, some chocolate, and beer can be part of a healthy diet! 

It’s when you deal with these absolutes you get in trouble. The thought that when having these things you have slipped or fell off the wagon. 

What you have to remember is that this dieting thing is a numbers game. Hitting X amount of calories for the amount you move over the week will do it.

As for this cheat day/meal – there is no cheating physics! There is no cheat day! You can in no way cheat your body!

It is always counting – even if you are not!

To think otherwise that you can somehow cheat physics is ludicrous. Cheat days are the reason you are spinning wheels and getting nowhere. Stop cutting out things from your diet you enjoy. I say again; Pizza, Chocolate, Beer, Ice cream can all be part of a healthy diet! Notice I said ‘part of’ not ‘all’!

And if these foods are the range of your diet – It’s time to have a day off from being a dick!

How Do I Improve Motivation?

How are you staying motivated over this period?

I’m going to let you in on something 

I’m not!

I’m not reliant on motivation!

It’s not a consideration for me

If you are reliant on motivation then you will struggle with consistency!

That’s why I don’t rely on motivation,

I rely on habit!

Lots of people have more time afforded to them at the moment,

yet they aren’t exercising/doing workouts or keep on top of their diet because motivation is low,

due to our current climate.

I’m not relishing the workouts I’m doing but I know they are beneficial to me

positive action for the future me

So I know I should be doing them

But I’m getting them done out of habit, not motivation.

It’s like saving money.

No immediate gratification now,

but in the future, that money and the interest on that money will compound

and add up to a nice amount in your account

I make sure I’m putting in place things that will keep those habits going,

like setting a reminder to put money in my bank account

or better yet set up a direct debit to do it automatically.

Setting a reminder/time in my diary to workout,

or better still having a coach to prompt me and keep me accountable with my training and nutrition.

These things make sure what I need to do gets done

They ensure it happens and these actions add up to a big change

Can You Boost Your Immune System?

The advice from the world health organization is social distancing 

I’m miles ahead of it, as I’ve been avoiding people for years!

On a serious note, what I also want to do is help you to avoid any decisions that charlatans thrust on you

 I find it incredible that people are proclaiming to have methods and products to cure the virus or products to ‘boost your immune system’! 

You can’t, neither would you want to ‘boost your immune system’

Your immune system can be split into 2 parts;

innate and acquired responses.

The innate response first and it’s not specific.

It makes you flemmy/snotty to try and catch the infection. It also increases your temperature [a fever] to try and, for want of a better word, boil off the infection.

You may feel weak and want to stay in bed,

which is a good thing because you don’t want to go out and catch another infection in this delicate state.

The acquired immune system takes longer to kick in [5-10 days]

This part is more precise and makes specific antibodies.

The only thing that can speed up the response of the acquired system is vaccines.

So if you boosted your immune system [innnate] you would feel pretty crappy all the time.

If anyone starts blabbering on about foods or supplements to boost your immune system,

they don’t know what they are talking about!

Components of our diets are required for healthy immune function [vitamins and minerals] the ones claimed to boost it!

But if you have a good diet you will not need extra.

And if you have a good diet you do not augment your immune system with supplements

Focus on maximizing your health now,

avoid those health conditions that put you more at risk.

Ensure your diet is healthy and inclusive of lots of fruit and veg.

Stay on top of your exercise 

and get good quality sleep