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How Do I Get In Shape?

Thinking you have to be perfect will be your undoing! Being consistently good is far better than inconsistently perfect!

The amount of times people give it the beans with their new drive to get in shape is getting boring now. Be it a new year’s resolution or the easing of lockdown procedures that sees a new fitness pursuit. It’s quite astounding how people go about it

Sipping on BCAAs whilst trying to get in 7 gym sessions a week. Along with keeping up your 10,000 steps and meal timing. The only meal allowed being kale and chicken

Some Chinese whisper or half baked fitness claim from some person. or article from a Men’s Health to which sensationalizes everything. It has to.  how else can you get across that you only need resistance training, protein to build muscle

And how else are they going to keep subscription rates up by telling people that there is only one way to lose body fat. and it’s not a workout before you ask! Why let the truth get in the way of a good story – Their editors are thinking

If you cut back all the bullshit they would only need a couple of pages that you would need to follow to get in shape. Not the myriad of over-complicated regimes or conflicting articles surrounding muscle growth and fat loss.

and there would be no need for the celebrity on the front cover. whose Personal Trainer and nutritionist has got them to do some resistance training. be in a caloric deficit and get enough protein in their diet

No. – they need to let you know about their latest hack that has ‘rebuilt their body’ Christ on a bike! Look past the lighting, the airbrushing – the dehydration and the filter. – that cover model doesn’t look like that in real life

You only need a couple of things to get the body you are after! Keep it simple and stick to those and you’re good!

How Do I Improve Motivation?

How are you staying motivated over this period?

I’m going to let you in on something 

I’m not!

I’m not reliant on motivation!

It’s not a consideration for me

If you are reliant on motivation then you will struggle with consistency!

That’s why I don’t rely on motivation,

I rely on habit!

Lots of people have more time afforded to them at the moment,

yet they aren’t exercising/doing workouts or keep on top of their diet because motivation is low,

due to our current climate.

I’m not relishing the workouts I’m doing but I know they are beneficial to me

positive action for the future me

So I know I should be doing them

But I’m getting them done out of habit, not motivation.

It’s like saving money.

No immediate gratification now,

but in the future, that money and the interest on that money will compound

and add up to a nice amount in your account

I make sure I’m putting in place things that will keep those habits going,

like setting a reminder to put money in my bank account

or better yet set up a direct debit to do it automatically.

Setting a reminder/time in my diary to workout,

or better still having a coach to prompt me and keep me accountable with my training and nutrition.

These things make sure what I need to do gets done

They ensure it happens and these actions add up to a big change

What is Emotional Freedom?

Picture this situation you are on your way home from a great day at work and your favourite song comes on the radio
It’s been a fantastic day so what do you do
You do what any reasonable person would do in this situation, you start singing, a little bit of dancing, you’re in your own little world loving life
Until you see the guy in the car next to you looking at you. This is where you could go from feeling great to wishing you were invisible
You might turn the radio down back into your seat and try to look serious mature thoughts. Ascribing too much importance to what other people think
It’s not that you won’t give any importance to other’s opinions myself included in this. Where it crosses the line is when you care what absolute strangers think or people that are insignificant in your life
If it was up to someone else how to achieve our dreams and progress most of us not achieve anything in our lives
You need to base your decisions and goals on you and not other people. Too many people base their success and goals on the opinions of other people. Friends, family, co-workers
You need to stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you and your decisions. It is a very dangerous habit it to have as it encourages you to move with the masses or conform to the group
The emotional freedom technique will help. Now, this is not designed at making you arrogant. It resolves and dissolves the emotional reaction you have to and about other people places and things
To be an independent and self-confident person you need to start being more independent
When you start to care less about what other people think you start living more. This doesn’t mean you don’t care about people
Emotional freedom technique resolves and dissolves what you think other people think
Have you ever thought to yourself?; ‘he or she makes me feel guilty’
Who is doing the feeling?
You are!
It is your reaction to what they have said or done or not done that you interpret guilt. Most people get it wrong about you or what you can achieve anyway
The Beatles were rejected
Michael Jordan didn’t make his school basketball team
Richard Branson has had more failed businesses than successful ones

If they have worried about what others have thought you would never have heard of them. Your feeling is created by yourself. Other people do not have the power to make you feel a certain way. You choose to feel that way 
using the emotional freedom technique will help you to overcome the fear of rejection
Overcome your fear that they will think that your goals are too big and not possible for you to achieve them
Overcome any emotional reaction to something in the past that they might have said or done
Overcome your fear of putting yourself out there 

and taking the much-needed action in achieving your goals
Develop your own things of self-worth and deserving 
With the emotional freedom technique 

it could be something as simple telling yourself
Even though I’m afraid of rejection
Even though I’m afraid that others will think my goals are too big for me and I could never achieve them 
Even though he or she said x or did y and it made me feel

Even though I’m not worthy of great success

even without being specific in all your detail, 

emotional freedom technique will still work
If you’re afraid about what you think others think about you doing Emotional Freedom Technique you can EFT that away too

Feedback not Failure

Taking the mail from my letterbox I could make out the police insignia through the window on the envelope. I have an idea what this is 

Yep speeding offense

I have the choice of 3 points on my license or speed awareness course. Shot or stabbed!?

As with everything the way I frame this is, as feedback, not failure, which is important

I haven’t failed at driving, I’ve received some feedback that I need to be more aware of variable speed limits

Going forward I’m not going to make the same mistake again. This feedback, not failure is an important mindset. Let’s take the Christmas period

This is a time of year when people feel guilty about the food choices they make

You may eat things that you don’t usually eat or may eat more than is comfortable

This is why short-term diets start popping up. Your typical New Year’s resolution of weight loss. Trying to ‘undo the damage of the holidays’

What determines self-control? Is it a sacrifice?

Do we have to sacrifice the foods that we enjoy? To claim that we have self-control


If we have self-control failure it actually comes from believing that there are consequences to our actions. Even if it is something minor

 Choosing chocolate instead of celery sticks

If we eat one meal or several meals over the course of the day where we feel uncomfortable

If we believe we have broken some food rolls or there are going to be serious consequences

That can be perceived as a self-control failure

If we don’t have those  food rules and we give ourselves permission

That we enjoy oi then there’s not play a self-control failure we haven’t broken any rules

So we don’t have to deal with the guilt shame and frustration anxiety that comes with breaking those self-imposed food rules

We simply enjoy that food or meal and move on

Or if we don’t we use it as a learning opportunity and move on

Learning not failure!

We don’t repeat those habits over and over again 

And if you do find yourself in that cycle of repeating those habits that are not in line with your goals

You can reach out to to a professional and find out why you might be doing that