What is Emotional Freedom?

Picture this situation you are on your way home from a great day at work and your favourite song comes on the radio
It’s been a fantastic day so what do you do
You do what any reasonable person would do in this situation, you start singing, a little bit of dancing, you’re in your own little world loving life
Until you see the guy in the car next to you looking at you. This is where you could go from feeling great to wishing you were invisible
You might turn the radio down back into your seat and try to look serious mature thoughts. Ascribing too much importance to what other people think
It’s not that you won’t give any importance to other’s opinions myself included in this. Where it crosses the line is when you care what absolute strangers think or people that are insignificant in your life
If it was up to someone else how to achieve our dreams and progress most of us not achieve anything in our lives
You need to base your decisions and goals on you and not other people. Too many people base their success and goals on the opinions of other people. Friends, family, co-workers
You need to stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you and your decisions. It is a very dangerous habit it to have as it encourages you to move with the masses or conform to the group
The emotional freedom technique will help. Now, this is not designed at making you arrogant. It resolves and dissolves the emotional reaction you have to and about other people places and things
To be an independent and self-confident person you need to start being more independent
When you start to care less about what other people think you start living more. This doesn’t mean you don’t care about people
Emotional freedom technique resolves and dissolves what you think other people think
Have you ever thought to yourself?; ‘he or she makes me feel guilty’
Who is doing the feeling?
You are!
It is your reaction to what they have said or done or not done that you interpret guilt. Most people get it wrong about you or what you can achieve anyway
The Beatles were rejected
Michael Jordan didn’t make his school basketball team
Richard Branson has had more failed businesses than successful ones

If they have worried about what others have thought you would never have heard of them. Your feeling is created by yourself. Other people do not have the power to make you feel a certain way. You choose to feel that way 
using the emotional freedom technique will help you to overcome the fear of rejection
Overcome your fear that they will think that your goals are too big and not possible for you to achieve them
Overcome any emotional reaction to something in the past that they might have said or done
Overcome your fear of putting yourself out there 

and taking the much-needed action in achieving your goals
Develop your own things of self-worth and deserving 
With the emotional freedom technique 

it could be something as simple telling yourself
Even though I’m afraid of rejection
Even though I’m afraid that others will think my goals are too big for me and I could never achieve them 
Even though he or she said x or did y and it made me feel

Even though I’m not worthy of great success

even without being specific in all your detail, 

emotional freedom technique will still work
If you’re afraid about what you think others think about you doing Emotional Freedom Technique you can EFT that away too

What is Exercise Afterburn?

High-intensity training is all the rage. One personal trainer with an annoying voice and ridiculous hair who has amassed a small fortune from his misinformation to the masses about nutrition, along with his complicated meal plan and joint busting workouts has made this style of working out very popular.

He has alluded to this type of exercise creating the afterburn. And whilst technically this is true, it is very exaggerated. Like the monthly interest on your bank gives you is not going to have any impact on your account the afterburn has the same inconsequential impact on your calorie expenditure

We could go into how your oxygen respiratory exchange rate puts the brakes on this after only on a few hours but that would be boring and you knowing that this afterburn is the calorie equivalent to one grape per hour for only a few hours after the session would be more impactful

Here’s the kicker…

if you are overweight and looking to shed some body fat performing the high impact exercises that Mr Vidal Sassoon demonstrates is going to be detrimental to your joints

Your body is designed to carry a certain amount of weight when you jump up and down you put seven times the force of that weight through your joints so that increased force is going to exacerbate joint issues. Your bones and joints will not thank you

So use high-intensity training for the right reason; To improve cardiovascular health

Forget about the afterburn it’s redundant

Why so much conflicting information in nutrition?

From a certain perspective, nutrition science can seem like a mess.

Lots of competing theories. One study seems to suggest one thing. The very next study seems to say the opposite.

People interested in health, fitness and wellness are stuck in limbo. Confused.

Another point of view could be, that “mess” demonstrates the real beauty of science.

Science means putting all the ideas, good and bad into the ring and letting them fight it out

This takes place over hundreds of years

And using a particular method to determine the winners.

And that’s why nutrition science is so confusing at times. We haven’t yet had the hundreds, even thousands, of years for the best ones to emerge.

Fats, carbs, and protein weren’t even discovered until the 1800s

It’s only in the last 20 years that we’ve begun studying new problems, such as what’s healthy 

In a world full of tasty processed food and very little movement.

All scientific disciplines begin with confusion, dead ends, frustration, and silliness.

But what’s young is going to mature.

Nutrition science will grow up.

Not as fast as we’d like. Yet over time, the scientific method will cut and prune and do its work.

Meanwhile, here are some reasons why nutrition science can be so confusing at times.

And why (sometimes) the media screws up reporting it.

1. It takes time to master a science – compared to Chemistry, nutrition is in its infancy.

2. Most funding goes to disease prevention, not preventative nutrition – most researchers would ask ‘how can we prevent this epidemic’ over ‘how can we get abs’

3. Where funding comes from can affect what studies find – corporate pressures can influence study design so the results favour what the company want s to show!

4. Most nutrition studies are observational – correlation isn’t causation – does red meat cause heart disease and cancer or do people with these chronic diseases happen to eat more red meat

5. If doing the research is tough, reporting it is going to be even harder! – Journalists aren’t usually trained research scientists, which means that they often:

  • misunderstand study conclusions
  • over exaggerate single study findings

Single studies are interesting but often not important. They only usually provide one piece of a big puzzle that may take hundreds of years to complete

The weight rebound

The most dangerous time in your diet is after you’ve lost the weight you wanted, the challenge of keeping it off!


More people die on the way down from the mountain than they do ascending it. The reason, complacency, you have achieved your objective and now it’s time to relax, down tools, switch off and come down.


Now if you’ve done some diet like Herbalife, slimming world, weight watchers, Atkins or one of the other bullshit diets out there, it’s understandable you will rebound as soon as you stop using their services. They haven’t educated you on how fat loss really works.


But with a little bit of help and guidance you will know how to construct a calorie deficit and then maintain your weight. When you know the reason it comes off you know how to manage it.

You’re right life is not fair

You maybe sat there drinking your tea or coffee tapping away arbitrarily on your keyboard reading this whilst you should be working on the project that has landed on your desk.


Now you didn’t ask for said project/task it just landed on your desk, it could’ve landed on Gemma’s desk or it could have landed on Karen’s desk but as luck would have it your line manager randomly selected you for this crap.


I can already hear the words coming out of your mouth, reverberating around in your head “it’s not fair’.


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before that well known saying that ‘life is not fair’, no I’m not going to tell you that life is not fair, you already know that. However what I am going to tell you is that may not be your fault it’s happened to you but it is your responsibility.


It’s not your fault that you’ve been burdened with this extra workload, it’s not your fault that you have an underactive thyroid which means you can’t have as many doughnuts as Debbie in compliance (who seems to get away with eating whatever she wants and not put on weight) without putting on weight. But it is your responsibility.


The uninsured driver that hits your car, the jury duty letter comes through post, the weight you’ve put on from the butter diet that was recommended to you by Lynn in accounts (well, that could is your fault as I’ve already warned you) these things are now your responsibility!


You are now responsible, chose to accept it and deal with it. Fighting against it will just expend energy and time. Accept that this is something you have to deal with and get it done. Screaming at the universe for this injustice that has been bestowed upon you is going to get you nowhere and will probably make the situation worse.


Put on your big boy pants and accept it, deal with it, move on and forget about it!