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  • BSc Sports Science
  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • NCFE Nutrition & Health

I have been into fitness for as long as I can remember, whether it was playing sports or just general exercise. I got into being healthy later on in life when I saw what happened to my Father after leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Heart surgery and medication forced him to make a lifestyle change for the better. Had exercise, good nutrition, less stress, more sleep, been factored into his life he could have avoided heart disease and surgery.

But I noticed it wasn’t just my dad, it was lots of people’s dads and mums. Something was wrong. I became interested and curious as to why more and more people were struggling with their health.

My curiosity and interest led me to study Sports Science at University, from there the next step was to become a personal trainer. I knew that this was a career I could help people find ways to help people improve all aspects of their health. I had gathered the requisite scientific knowledge, achieving additional qualifications in psychology, advanced nutrition, to complement my practical experience acquired through training and coaching and I was putting it to good use.

The limiting factor that dawned on me was that I could only help so many people due to time commitments and geographic location, so I have turned to the Internet [thank you Tim Burners-Lee] to help more people. I have produced a range of exercise and nutrition plans for men and women. All plans are formulated from the most up to date research from evidence-based studies and first-hand interactions with the most accredited dieticians, nutritionists and researchers in the health and fitness industry.

I have worked with various health and gym groups coaching competitive athletes and amateur bodybuilders along with general population clients. To help them improve their health and stack years onto their life from weight reduction feels great. Along with presenting seminars on health and fitness to schools and businesses I have been fortunate enough to interview some of the most respected people in the fitness industry which you will find on my Podcast.

I aim to share the knowledge gathered through my University education, field experience and learning from others who are passionate about fitness and the science behind building muscle, losing fat and becoming healthier. Along with undertaking my yearly challenge of putting on weight [circa 15 kg] and taking it off to show people how to do it properly, safely and gain an awesome physique in the process.




  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Pre & Post Natal Specialist

Who am I and what do I do? Make yourself a brew and get comfy, because it’s a little long-winded…

I spent 2 years as an overweight, beyond fatigued, working Mum of 5. I know exactly how difficult it is to attempt balancing work/home life. It’s about as easy as juggling bubbles isn’t it! It mixes like milk and orange juice. Oil and water.

So finding time to take care of yourself takes a back seat for a while. I’ve been there, done that and got 5 baggy T-shirts.

With that said, I’m now in the body you see on the photo here. I could have quite easily wallowed in my sweat pants ( because my “normal” clothes no longer fitted me – and didn’t for a good 5 years in total) but I didn’t like feeling that way. So I took action.

I knew how it felt to be fit, and bursting with energy, once upon a time.

No, not before I had children. I was a peak fitness after I had my first 3, in fact. I knew that kid win general was so much easier without the excess weight. Running around after toddlers, joining in a footy game in the park, etc. My skin was clearer, makeup sat better on my face before I gained a second chin. I could walk more confidently in heels, my knees were a lot happier! I generally felt younger than my years.

I’ve been in this job for over a decade now, with a few pauses along the way to have babies. Originally I started out teaching group exercise, aerobics, you know, grapevines and stuff… pivot, box step, cha cha cha… Wooo!
I worked in various gyms and leisure clubs over the years teaching anything from Zumba to Spin. I loved it, the teaching, music, interaction the lot! (sometimes carting 3 kids along with me during school holidays too).

But it wasn’t enough. What became glaringly obvious to me was that people, mainly women, were coming to class week after week, for years, striving for those toned inner thighs, flat tin, pert bum.. but not changing, one. Single. Bit. This was despite getting a good sweat on and working really, really hard!

They’d often ask after class “ How can I tone this bit? How do I get rid of this? I’ll never have a six-pack now, will I? Because I’ve had kids”

I wanted to help all of them. I could see what needed to be done and their potential to tone that bit, get rid of that roll and yes, get a 6 pack after having kids. Even though they came to my classes and o took them through the motions every week, it wasn’t enough for what they wanted to achieve. It wasn’t specific to their individual needs and they weren’t accountable. Everyone is so different and one size doesn’t fit all.

So I began 1:1 personal training ( even had to cart the kids along to my course on occasion too). Personal Training. The clue is in the name, it’s personal! Specific to each individual client. Otherwise, it’s a group exercise wall over again. Everyone has a unique starting point. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Everyone has their own end goal and way of learning what they need to do to get there. We build a relationship and work together.

So hang on. If I’m a Personal Trainer who has access to a gym, how on earth did I get so overweight and out of shape? (aside from having another 2 babies in 18 months- one with additional needs who NEVER slept, while still growing a business and keeping 3 other kids alive)

Well, the short answer is, because we’re human too. The difference is, if we get out of shape and lose our fitness, we know exactly how we got there and exactly how to get back “in shape” again. We know that if you don’t use it, you lose it, just like everyone else. I think I’ve illustrated this quite accurately in my before and after photos.

Because of this first-hand experience, I have certain expectations of my clients. I know excuses won’t cut it. I know everyone has their own individual potential and when it isn’t being reached. We know that everyone has the same muscles attached to their skeleton, whether they appear bigger or smaller than the next person. I know that despite daily stresses and struggles, any goal can still be reached.

If I can, you can too!


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