A calorie is a calorie

Did you know you can eat ‘healthy’ and put on weight! You can also eat ‘unhealthy’ and lose weight 

Your weight is not a food quality thing. It’s an energy thing! When we consume over our calorie requirements we put on weight, and when we consume under our calorie requirements we lose weight.

A calorie is a calorie, just like a centimetre is a centimetre. There are not good and bad centimetres, they are just a unit of distance. There is nothing sinister or inherently evil about them!

A calorie is just a unit of energy and all calories are created equal. 

Although macronutrients are not all created equal! 1g of protein contains 4 kcals, 1g of carbohydrates contains 4kcals and 1g of fat contains 9kcals! So if weight loss is your goal be aware of the macronutrients you are choosing as part of your diet. Foods higher in fats will be typically higher in calories.

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