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  1. If I happen to be under my daily calories, do I need to specifically eat to get up to the target? No, think of your target as a limit daily/weekly if you are under that’s fine, just don’t go too far under otherwise poor performance, mood and fatigue will arise
  2. If I’m over my daily calories, can I take the amount I’m over off the next day(s) goal? Yes, very much so – if you go over one day you can deduct from the following day or days – again this is why I give you a weekly target as well as a daily
  3. I wasn’t expecting my calories to be this high, will I still be able to lose weight with this amount? Yes if you do all your sessions and keep to the activity agreed you will lose weight at that target – your maintenance [ to stay the same weight] is several hundred above that
  4. Protein goal doesn’t seem that high, but carbs seem really high, why is that? Your protein target is worked out at the lower end of the range and is worked out on lean body mass which is all that we need to take into account for protein so your lean body mass [weight – body fat = LBM] x 2 grams protein per kilo. Carbs are higher to keep you satiated and energised and they have a bogger metabolic cost than fats. Don’t worry too much about carb and fat target just be concerned with calories and protein for the time being
  5. No cardio in the training plan? Is this due to the interference you talk about in the training plan? Yes as discussed you do your cardio at times separate to the weight training – maximising muscle growth [which is slow enough as it is]
  6. If I do extra days at the gym is it advisable to stick to low-intensity cardio due to the interference issues? The interference effect is only a concern when you are doing concurrent training [cardio and weights in the same session or close together] as long as you leave sufficient time between them its fine [7/8 hours] but you can do any type of cardio [HIIT providing you are not suffering from hypertension, steady stare, low intensity, etc]
  7. If my training program calls for a particular exercise, but the machine or apparatus is occupied, can I swap it to one that targets the same muscles but uses a different machine? Yes if you need to switch machines but can use a machine that targets the same muscle that’s fine
  8. Reveal A Body nutrition plan, but Build A Body training plan, how come they are different? The nutrition plan for you is weight loss but the only training program we do for men is The Build a Body Training Program as that is the goal of weight training – what works for building muscle in a surplus works for preserving muscle in a deficit, the training plan is optimised for building muscle and strength which should be the focus of any weight training program it should change depending on whether you are losing or gaining
  9. The weight input for dumbbells, is this the combined weight of the two or a single dumbbell? Single i.e 22.5kg dumbbells