How Do I Improve Motivation?

How are you staying motivated over this period?

I’m going to let you in on something 

I’m not!

I’m not reliant on motivation!

It’s not a consideration for me

If you are reliant on motivation then you will struggle with consistency!

That’s why I don’t rely on motivation,

I rely on habit!

Lots of people have more time afforded to them at the moment,

yet they aren’t exercising/doing workouts or keep on top of their diet because motivation is low,

due to our current climate.

I’m not relishing the workouts I’m doing but I know they are beneficial to me

positive action for the future me

So I know I should be doing them

But I’m getting them done out of habit, not motivation.

It’s like saving money.

No immediate gratification now,

but in the future, that money and the interest on that money will compound

and add up to a nice amount in your account

I make sure I’m putting in place things that will keep those habits going,

like setting a reminder to put money in my bank account

or better yet set up a direct debit to do it automatically.

Setting a reminder/time in my diary to workout,

or better still having a coach to prompt me and keep me accountable with my training and nutrition.

These things make sure what I need to do gets done

They ensure it happens and these actions add up to a big change

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