Feedback not Failure

Taking the mail from my letterbox I could make out the police insignia through the window on the envelope. I have an idea what this is 

Yep speeding offense

I have the choice of 3 points on my license or speed awareness course. Shot or stabbed!?

As with everything the way I frame this is, as feedback, not failure, which is important

I haven’t failed at driving, I’ve received some feedback that I need to be more aware of variable speed limits

Going forward I’m not going to make the same mistake again. This feedback, not failure is an important mindset. Let’s take the Christmas period

This is a time of year when people feel guilty about the food choices they make

You may eat things that you don’t usually eat or may eat more than is comfortable

This is why short-term diets start popping up. Your typical New Year’s resolution of weight loss. Trying to ‘undo the damage of the holidays’

What determines self-control? Is it a sacrifice?

Do we have to sacrifice the foods that we enjoy? To claim that we have self-control


If we have self-control failure it actually comes from believing that there are consequences to our actions. Even if it is something minor

 Choosing chocolate instead of celery sticks

If we eat one meal or several meals over the course of the day where we feel uncomfortable

If we believe we have broken some food rolls or there are going to be serious consequences

That can be perceived as a self-control failure

If we don’t have those  food rules and we give ourselves permission

That we enjoy oi then there’s not play a self-control failure we haven’t broken any rules

So we don’t have to deal with the guilt shame and frustration anxiety that comes with breaking those self-imposed food rules

We simply enjoy that food or meal and move on

Or if we don’t we use it as a learning opportunity and move on

Learning not failure!

We don’t repeat those habits over and over again 

And if you do find yourself in that cycle of repeating those habits that are not in line with your goals

You can reach out to to a professional and find out why you might be doing that

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