Why Does My Weight Fluctuate?

After talking to one of my online clients this morning, he was telling me how he had quit so many other diets because of his misunderstanding of this

Something that he had seen on the scales that led him to believe what he was doing was not working

From working with him for a few weeks he now understands what is happening and is making progress. This weight fluctuation on the scales has thwarted many a weight loss attempt

He told me of the frustration of putting in all that hard work at the gym and with his diet only to step on the scales and be disheartened when he saw that his weight has actually increased

Today I want to put an end to that frustration and help you understand why these fluctuations occur. To get you to take on board that this is very common during weight loss

The first thing to get your head around is because you see an increase in weight on the scales. It doesn’t mean you are not losing body fat

I will say that again

Your weight going up on the scales doesn’t mean you are not losing body fat! What you are looking for is a downward trend with weight over weeks

This will tell you that you are in a calorie deficit and you are where you need to be with your calorie intake for your body function and activity 

Back to that infuriating fluctuation business. The reason that we see these fluctuations in weight is due to water 

When we have a meal high in carbohydrates and sodium – think Chinese takeaway. Your body will hold onto water

For every one gram of carbohydrate stored in the body (as glycogen) we store approximately 2 grams of water. This is why low carb diets are a very easy sell to people

They drop carbohydrates, therefore, they drop water weight. They think that carbs are the enemy and they are converted to carb-free life of misery 

Then they experience a plateau after the initial drop because they are still consuming the same amount of calories from fats and protein and are not in a calorie deficit, thus fat loss stops

Confused because they saw a correlation between dropping carbs and weight loss but didn’t realize it was only water they had lost not body fat!

How frustrating to be in this limbo of confusion. The other lesser-known reason these fluctuations occur is due to physiology 

When we are in a calorie deficit our body will take fats [tryglicerides] from the fat cells as energy because we haven’t enough energy from our diet so our body takes it from our fat cells

Great! That’s what we want for fat loss! But when it takes these triglycerides from the cells it backfills the cells with water which is when we see this weight increase

That is until our body decides that it’s good and ready to evacuate the water from the cells. Then we see a drop in weight, usually a large one, to a new low!

So don’t be deterred by these fluctuations they are part of the process. Stay resolute to the process and you will see these downward trends over weeks and realize you are making progress

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