What is Muscle Confusion?

Sometimes I think to myself people will believe anything

In passing at the gym I will always say hello and ask people how their training is going. This is not an empty question. From their response, I can surmise a lot

How competent their training programming is, their understanding of exercise physiology, and a heap of other things. So when people say things to me like:

‘yeah training is good, I’m trying to confuse the muscles as much as I can’

I will tell them that they can’t confuse contractile tissue [muscle] and they are the ones confused. A little blunt I know but those are the facts and facts don’t care about feelings

Many gym-goers switch up their training programs to the point, they’re doing a different workout for each muscle every time they train it. The rationale for this is down to some idiot out there putting out the concept of ‘muscle confusion’

The premise being that by confusing the muscle, you prevent it from adapting to the training program. ⁣This idea is erroneous

First, you can’t confuse contractile tissue!⁣ Second, adaptation is not undesirable! Adaptation is the very goal of a training program: by applying stress on a muscle in the form of mechanical tension, we cause it to adapt to that stress making itself bigger and stronger. ⁣

Recent studies this year have shown that muscle confusion does not work; when a group of men trained to apply progressive overload [increasing strength over time]
⁣compared to another group of men applying ‘muscle confusion’ rotating through different workouts the ‘confused muscle’ men didn’t gain more muscle!

The bottom line, have a good training program and stick to that. If you don’t want to be confused about what to do in the gym for building muscle

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