How to Eat to Maximise Muscle Growth

So you are excited that you have your holiday booked, an assumption I know, but I’m probably right. Although the thought has dawned on you that you will be spending a significant amount of time in minimal clothing.

You have your training program and you have your calorie deficit in place. You’re looking forward to feeling ‘beach ready’ when you leave for 7 days of all-inclusive bliss

So it’s time to start cranking it up. You want to make sure that while you are losing body fat you are building muscle in the process Training is key and making sure you have enough protein – that’s important too!

Read my previous email ‘How much protein do I need?‘ and you need to read ‘sorry‘ as well for help with understanding.

We could also maximize our muscle growth through nutrient timing! We know our daily protein target now it’s time to look at spreading that out over the course of the day. Your daily protein target spread over 4 servings is going to be very helpful to keep you in a net anabolic [muscle building] state.

Refractory period, leucine threshold, MPS, EAAs blah blah, it’s not that important. Just know that 4 servings are going to be optimal in novice trainees and 3 is fine for beginners.

Then we want to time our carbohydrates [simple & complex carbs] to ensure we are getting the most out of and recovering from our sessions. After we have all that in place we are looking at introducing performance supplements. Pre-workout, post-workout, and some at various frequencies over the day!

So let’s have a look at what a good day looks like…

With all this in place, you are going to make some serious progress with muscle growth

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