What is Exercise Afterburn?

High-intensity training is all the rage. One personal trainer with an annoying voice and ridiculous hair who has amassed a small fortune from his misinformation to the masses about nutrition, along with his complicated meal plan and joint busting workouts has made this style of working out very popular.

He has alluded to this type of exercise creating the afterburn. And whilst technically this is true, it is very exaggerated. Like the monthly interest on your bank gives you is not going to have any impact on your account the afterburn has the same inconsequential impact on your calorie expenditure

We could go into how your oxygen respiratory exchange rate puts the brakes on this after only on a few hours but that would be boring and you knowing that this afterburn is the calorie equivalent to one grape per hour for only a few hours after the session would be more impactful

Here’s the kicker…

if you are overweight and looking to shed some body fat performing the high impact exercises that Mr Vidal Sassoon demonstrates is going to be detrimental to your joints

Your body is designed to carry a certain amount of weight when you jump up and down you put seven times the force of that weight through your joints so that increased force is going to exacerbate joint issues. Your bones and joints will not thank you

So use high-intensity training for the right reason; To improve cardiovascular health

Forget about the afterburn it’s redundant

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