You’re right life is not fair

You maybe sat there drinking your tea or coffee tapping away arbitrarily on your keyboard reading this whilst you should be working on the project that has landed on your desk.


Now you didn’t ask for said project/task it just landed on your desk, it could’ve landed on Gemma’s desk or it could have landed on Karen’s desk but as luck would have it your line manager randomly selected you for this crap.


I can already hear the words coming out of your mouth, reverberating around in your head “it’s not fair’.


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before that well known saying that ‘life is not fair’, no I’m not going to tell you that life is not fair, you already know that. However what I am going to tell you is that may not be your fault it’s happened to you but it is your responsibility.


It’s not your fault that you’ve been burdened with this extra workload, it’s not your fault that you have an underactive thyroid which means you can’t have as many doughnuts as Debbie in compliance (who seems to get away with eating whatever she wants and not put on weight) without putting on weight. But it is your responsibility.


The uninsured driver that hits your car, the jury duty letter comes through post, the weight you’ve put on from the butter diet that was recommended to you by Lynn in accounts (well, that could is your fault as I’ve already warned you) these things are now your responsibility!


You are now responsible, chose to accept it and deal with it. Fighting against it will just expend energy and time. Accept that this is something you have to deal with and get it done. Screaming at the universe for this injustice that has been bestowed upon you is going to get you nowhere and will probably make the situation worse.


Put on your big boy pants and accept it, deal with it, move on and forget about it!

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