Water weight woes

Hello Friend,

Have you ever looked at the scales and thought to yourself ‘why is this not moving’. ‘I’ve stuck to my calories and my exercise regime but these bloody scales have not budged!’
Don’t throw in the towel, there are a number of reasons why this could be the case.
One factor for you to consider is the most obvious; have I tracked my food intake accurately? Sometimes things get missed [oils, spreads, condiments, doughnuts!]
Another factor to take into account is water retention. If you had a meal or a few meals high in carbohydrates, sodium or alcohol on the run-up to your weigh in then your body will be holding on to a certain amount of water.
If you are female then another thing to consider is the time of your cycle. At certain points, water retention will be an issue for you. Its the tough time in your cycle that makes weight loss that bit more tricky from a psychological aspect of not seeing the weight move on the scales.
If you can ride out this temporary water retention issue by sticking to your calorie deficit and your training then you will be ‘rewarded’ with a drop when your body loses the water it’s holding on to!
Remember just because the scale weight has not moved it doesn’t mean you haven’t lost fat! A lot of things go into our weight, as long as the body fat is dropping then you are winning. This just isn’t always represented on the scales! Patience people, don’t get caught up with the water weight woes. As long as there is a downward trend over time with your weight then it’s working!

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