The right food for your body type!

Have you ever heard about eating the right food for your body type? Well, you’re going to lol.


There are a few ruthless and unsavoury characters out there professing that the reason you are struggling with your weight loss is that you are not eating the right macronutrients for your body type or your DNA.


They know the real reason that you are not losing weight is that you are not achieving a calorie deficit! But if you knew that then they wouldn’t be able to retain you as a paying customer to their snake oil product.


Once you know the cause of weight loss and weight gain and understand how to implement that in your diet, educated on calories, macronutrients and food choices you then have the power to manage your weight. As a by-product you will look and feel great plus you will have done wonders for your health.


Save your money on expensive products and fads that glorify a calorie deficit. Find out how to set up your own and get results that will be manageable for the rest of your life.

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