Surf the wave

If you’re thinking of reducing your calories through the day and you are entertaining the idea of skipping a snack or meal in order to do so take this will help.


It’s the misconception that as we go longer and longer without food our hunger levels increase linearly.


What actually happens is that our hunger comes in waves 🌊


You condition these waves with your eating habits overs time. So you will feel hungry at the time you usually have a food intake.


If you are thinking about cutting out a meal or snack to reduce your calories know that you will feel hungry. This is the peak/crest of the wave.


It’s your job to ride the wave, embrace the sensation, accept it and surf the hunger wave 🏄‍♀️


The wave will die down and then the next will accumulate.


Got to appreciate the waves if you want to be good at surfing.

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